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What We Do


In pre-productions mode, we will meet with you to go over the plan for your event. Also, we will test your internet speed. Provide a plan for camera locations and go over microphone plan with your team. We will look at how we can use graphics in your live video streaming event. Your marketing team places ads in your video stream. With our business partners, you can plan an intro video, commercial, and closed captions.


During Productions, we can provide closed captions, embedded graphics, Player Embed Restrictions, Private Link Sharing, Password Protection, Cloud Transcoding & RTMP Input, Audience Chat & Live Polls, Lead Generation Tools, and Analytics in live video productions. We can provide graphics and ads space.


In post-production, we can provide data that include the followings information: length of time, which devices the viewer on, and where the video was being watched. River Surge Production will provide a copy of the video in a digital file format. You can work with a business partner on creating a promo video from the recording of your live video streaming.

Connect With Your Audience